Zolita Sverdlove watercolors - plants, impressionist flowers and trees

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Sverdlove's impressionist treatment of flowers and trees focused on the color. She allowed the color to define the shapes, and the watercolor paint was often allowed to bleed to represent the subject.  trees became bundles of color. Flowers were  not defined by rigid lines, but rather by the light they reflected.

W8-1 Trees in Bloom 10x13  $200

W8-2 Trees in Bloom 10x13 $200

WB-14 Orchard 15x19 $350

WB-52 Orchard 18x24 $350

W7-73 Fruit Tree Orchard 9x12 $150

WD-12 Orchard 22x30 $400

WA-2 Orchard 16x20 $350

WC-23 Orchard 26x36 $500  This is the biggest work on paper ever produced by Sverdlove. It is the only watercolor of size greater than 28 inches.

W1-28 Orchard 10x14 $200

WA-85 Orchard 21x30 $350

WB-20 Orchard 16x18 $350

W17-190 Flowers 10x7 $200

W8-9  Red Flower 10x7  $150

W7-20 Flowers 12x10 $200

W7-14 Flowers 10x14 $200

W7-25 Poppies 11x7 $200

W8-13 Roses 10x7 $150

W8-31 Still Life 11x9 $200

W9-18 Still life with flowers 10x7 $150

W8-16 Trees 7x10  $150

W7-36 Sycamores 10x15 $250 – Along Arroyo Blvd - Pasadena - this provides a good example of free flowing color of impressionism

W7-50 Trees in Autumn 15x11 $200

WA-12 Autumn Tree 22x15 $250

WC-14 Trees 29x20 $400

W8-6  Trees  9x12  $150

WA-4 Birches 14x20 $250

W7-48 Poppies 11x15 $200

W7-38 Floral still life 11x15 $200

W2-8 Flowers 12x16 $250

W2-3 Flowers 12x16 $300

W7-24 Flowers 9x12 $200

W9-45 Trees 10x14 $200

W2-33 Forest 10x15 $200

W4-29 Still Life 20x14 $300

W4-30 Still Life  20x14 $300

W6-30 Tree 12x9 $150

W6-9 Flowering Peach 12x9 $200

WA-38 Trees 15x22 $250

D18-77 Trees 10x14 $150

WD-5 Flowering Trees 22x29 $400

WB-5 Flowering Trees 17x23 $300

W6-21 Flowering Tree 9x12 $200

W6-19 Still life with flowers 9x12 $200

WA-22 Lilies 21x16 $300

W6-48 Flowers 8x6 $100

W6-49 Flowers 6x8 $100

W10-4 Grapevine 14x21 $350

W10-3 Vase with flowers 20x16 $300

WD-6 Still life with flowers 23x30 $400

W11-14 Flowers 14x20 $300

W12-7 Trees 22x30 $300

D18-4 Flower Garden 21x30 $500

D18-10 Roses 21x29 $350

W17-1 Still life with flowers 7x10 $100

W17-2 Still life with flowers 7x9 $100

w17-11 Flowers 14x20 $250

W17-8 Palm Trees 8x7 $100

W17-12 Begonias 21x14 $250

W17-13 Palm Tree 16x12 $200

W17-18 Palms 15x10 $150

W17-19 Still life with flowers 10x14 $200

W17-180 Flowers 9x12 $150

W17-44 Flowers 9x7 $150

W17-188 Still life with flowers 12x9 $200

W17-173 Weeping Mulberry Tree 12x16 $200

W17-174 Weeping Mulberry Tree 12x16 $200

W9-42 Mulberry Tree 14x10 $200 - Weeping mulberry tree at artist's house

W2-22 Mulberry Tree 12x16 $200

W3-15 Weeping Mulberry 11x15 $200

W1-2 Weeping Mulberry 10x13 $200

WA-65 Weeping Mulberry 11x14 $200

W1-27 Weeping mulberry tree 10x13 $200

W2-16 Flowers in Vase 12x16 $250

W17-73 Iris $150 

D17-171 Trees 12x16 $250

W17-157 Bamboo 9x12 $150

D17-149 Still life with flowers 12x16 $150

D17-147 Flowers 12x16 $200

D17-146 Still life with flowers 12x16 $200

D17-161 Flowers 10x14 $200

D17-163 Flowers 8x12 $200

D17-196 Roses 9x12 $200

W1-14 Tree Blossoms 10x13 $150

W17-70 Flowers $150 (size to be added)

W3-2 Forest Scene x14 $200

W3-7 Garden Scene 10x14 $200

W3-14 Palms Up Close 12x16 $200

WD-9 Palm Trees 22x30 $350

W3-22 Sycamores on the Arroyo 12x15 $250

WM-32 Lily Pads 6x8 $100

WA-18 Flowers 15x21 $250

WA-33 Still life with flowers 16x20 $250

WA-37 Irises 22x15 $250

W7-11 Flowers 16x12 $200

WA-45 Sunflowers 12x16 $350

WA-69 Flowers 11x15 $200

WA-7 Flowers 14x20 $250

D17-200 Flowers 9x12 $150

WA-19 Trees 16x19 $250

W9-59 Trees 10x14 $150

WTCZ-3 Amaryllis 12x16 $150

W9-30 Amaryllis 7x10 $125

WB-18 Amaryllis 15x22 $350

D18-3 Amaryllis 21x30 $400

WB-1 Still life with flowers 22x15 $300

WB-4 Flowers 19x15 $250

W16-3 Still life with flowers 10x14 $150

WB-6 Flowering Trees 22x17 $350

WB-11 Still Life with flowers 19x15 $300

WB-67 Poinsettias 17x21 $350

WB-27 Sunflowers 18x24 $350

WB-28 Iris 18x24 $250

WB-39 Flowering Trees 16x21 $300

WB-43 Still life of flowers 21x16 $350

WB-60 Flowers 24x18 $350

WB-59 Trees 15x19 $250

WB-53 Trees 18x24 $300

WB-54 Trees in Bloom 16x20 $300

WTCZ-4 Parrot and Flowers 14x21 $250

W8-47 Still Life 7x10 $150 

W9-14 Trees 7x10 $125

W7-26 Ginko 10x14 $200

W9-6 still life with flowers 11x8 $150

W9-8 still life with flowers 11x8 $150

W9-13 still life with flowers 10x7 $125

W9-31 Iris 10x7 $125

W17-59 Still life with flowers 9x10 $150

WTCZ-4 Parrot and Flowers 14x21 $300

W3-16 Flowers 12x15 $200

W7-27 Flowers 10x14 $200

WM12-26 Flower 6x8 $100

WM12-23 Flowers 8x6$100

W9-13 Flowers in Vase 10x7 $150

W7-47 Flowering Peach 16x12 $200

WD-8 Still Life 22x30 $350

W1-39 Flowers in Vase 12x16 $250

D17-59A Flowers 24x19 $300