Zolita Sverdlove 

impressionist watercolors - other

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WB-3 Koi 15x19 $300

WA-71 Koi 12x16 $250

WB-12 Koi 14x19 $300

WB-21 Koi 16x18 $300

WB-25 Koi 14x21 $300

WB-35 Koi 17x22 $300

WB-50 Koi 15x19 $300

The "other" category of watercolors includes a wide range of eclectic topics. Quite a number of impressionist still life watercolors with fruit and flowers and other objects.  Of particular note was the recurrence of persimmons and pomegranates, whose color, texture and shape resonated with the artist's impressionistic approach. Waves provided a motif for impressionist interpretation.

W8-26 Still Life 11x9 $200

W8-30 Wave 9x12 $300

W8-29 Wave 10x14 $300 – The coast at Pacific Grove is rocky and the waves smash against the shore producing high spray.

W8-36 Coastal Scene 8x11 $200 - This watercolor provides an essential example of impressionism - the free flow of color to define the content.

W8-40 Rowers 7x9  $200 – scuba divers at Point Lobos

W8-47 Still Life 7x10 $150 

W8-37 Big Cat 12x9 $200

W8-38 Big Cat 10x7 $200

W8-4 Red Peppers 7x11 $250

W8-49 Still life 8x10  $200

W6-38  Still life with fruit 10x14 $200

WM12-6 Pomegranate 6x8 $100

WM12-11 Eggplants 6x8 $100

WM12-10 Still Life 6x8 $100

WM12-15 Pomegranate 6x8 $100

WM12-13 Still Life 6x8 $100

WM12-34 Pears 6x8 $100

WM12-25 Persimmons 6x8 $100

WM12-38 Pomegranates 6x8 $100

WM12-36 Pomegranates 6x8 $100

W7=70 Still life with peppers 10x14 $200

W6-16 Still life with peppers 9x13 $150

WC-1 Still Life with Peppers 14x22 $350

WC-2 Still Life with Peppers 14x21 $350

W9-50 Pomegranates 9x12 $200

W2-2 Still life with teapot 12x18 $250

W7-34 Still life with fruit 10x14 $250

W7-35 Still life with eggplants 10x12 $150

W4-71 Still Life with persimmons and bottles 16x20 $400

W4-73 Still life with persimmons 16x21 $400

W18-3 Still life with fruit 9x12 $200

WM-35 Pomegranates 6x8 $100

W4-86 Still life with plums 15x20 $300

W7-37 Pomegranates 10x15 $200

W6-1 Still life with fruit 9x12 $200

W6-8 Pomegranates 7x10 $150

W6-7 Persimmons 10x14 $250

W6-3 Still life with fruit 10x14 $200

W6-23 Pomegranates 7x10 $150

W10-25 Still life with fruit 10x15 $200

W18-2 Still life with fruit 9x12 $200

W10-9 Still life with fruit 15x22 $350

W18-20 Still life with pears 9x12 $200

W10-7 Still life with persimmons 18x22 $350

W10-11 Still life with fruit 13x20 $350

W10-8 Still life with fruit 12x16 $250

W11-47 Still life with teapot 15x22 $350

W12-4 Still Life 22x30 $350

W18-9 Pomegranates 6x7 $150

W17-58 Pomegranates 8x9 $150

W17-49 Pomegranates 10x13 $150

W17-201 Persimmons 7x10 $200

W17-67 Still life with fruit 8x9 $150

W17-192 Still life with fruit 9x12  $150

W17-172 Still life with fruit 12x16 $250

D17-212 Persimmons $150

W18-21 Still life with pears 9x12 $200

W17-175 Still life with fruit 10x14 $150

W17-202 Still life with fruit 9x12 $200

W3-20 Persimmons 10x14 $250

W3-19 Persimmons 10x14 $250

WA-6 Still life with fruit 13x19 $250

WC-4 Still Life  15x22 $350

WA-21 Pomegranates 16x21 $300

WA-44 Persimmons 15x22 $300

W16-1 Two paintings of pomegranates each 7x10 $200 for the pair

WB-13 Still life with fruit 17x21 $350

WB-19 Still life with fruit 16x19 $350

WB-26 Still life with fruit 18x23 $350

WB-33 Still Life 16x21 $300

WB-36 Still life 17x22 $350

WB-46 Pomegranates 16x20 $350

WA-37 Still Life 19x15 $250

WA-41 Still Life 19x15 $300

WA-40 Still Life 17x23 $300

WB-49 Still life with dragon plate 15x19 $350

W9-52 Coastal Scene 10x13 $250 - probably tidepools at low tide at Laguna Beach

W9-41 Sailboats 10x14 $200 - probably Newport, CA

W9-58 Sun on the water 9x12 $150 - Another good example of free flowing color of impressionism

W7-5 San Francisco Bay 10x14 $200

W7-49 Squirrel on Barrel Cactus 14x10 $150 – Walking through Huntington Gardens, a squirrel sat on a barrrel cactus eating a nut

W7-21 squirrel on barrel cactus 12x9 $200 – Walking through Huntington Gardens, a squirrel sat on a barrrel cactus eating a nut

W7-7 Squirrel on barrel cactus 9x12 $150

W7-53 Coastal Scene 11x16 $250

W7-55 Coastal Scene From Above 12x16 $250

W7-56 Pumpkin Farm 10x14 $250

W7-58 Coastal Scene 12x16 $250

W2-6 Morro Rock 12x14 $250

W2-9 Seascape with sky 12x16 $200

W2-28 Morro Rock 10x15 $200

W2-35 The Swimmer 12x16 $150

W2-36 Kaui Coast 12x16 $200

W2-37 Kaui Pool 12x16 $200

W4-8 Sailboats 9x12 $150

W4-9 Coastal Scene 9x14 $200

W4-13 Rocky Coast 12x16 $250

W4-15 Fishing Boats 10x14 $150

W4-23 Seascape 12x16 $200

W4-36 Coastal Scene 24x18 $350

W4-47  Pond 14x20 $350

W4-52 Coastal Scene 18x24 $300

W4-61 Wave at Monterey 15x21 $350

W4-64 Rocky Coast 15x21 $300

W4-68 At the shore 14x22 $300

W4-69 Coastal Scene 14x16 $250

W4-72 Calla Lilies 21x15 $300

W6-5 Roses 9x12 $200

W4-78 Lotus Pond 16x21 $350

W4-79 Lotus Pond 16x21 $350

W6-14 Water 9x12 $150

W6-27 Abstract River 10x14 $150

W6-32 Cactus Mix 9x12 $100

W6-39 Farmers Market 9x12 $150 – South Pasadena, CA - compare to W12-1 (a smaller version)

W10-6 Ocean Pier 15x20 $300

W10-13 Coastal Scene 14x20 $350

W10-14 Fishing Boats 14x20 $300 – Ventura Harbor

WB-32 Fishing Boats 19x24 $450 - Ventura Harbor

W10-21 Point Lobos, CA  15x12 $350

W3-13 Figure 13x10 $150

W11-1 Wash in King's Canyon 14x20 $300

W12-6 Roaring River 22x30 $350

W12-8 Boats 22x30 $350

W12-9 Fishing Boats 22x31 $350

W12-10 Fishing Boats 22x32 $350

W12-11 Boats 22x33 $400

WD-2 Coastal Scene 20x26 $350

WD-3 Still life with hat 19x24 $350

WD-4 Mexicans 21x30 $350

WD-10 Rocky Coast 22x30 $450

D18-84 Abstract 10x12 $150

D18-83 Abstract 10x12 $150

W17-10 Coastal Scene 14x20 $300

W17-28 Coastal Scene 7x10 $100

W17-17 The Hat 10x14 $150

W17-14 The Hat 15x11 $150

W17-26 Coastal Scene 7x10 $100

W17-24 Coastal Scene 7x10 $100

W17-36 Morro Rock 9x12 $150

W18-6 Fishing Boats 12x16 $300 – Ventura Harbor

W18-4 Still life with shells 7x10 $150

W18-37 Skyscape 9x12 $150

W18-38 Sailboats 9x12 $200

W16-3 Still life with flowers 10x14 $150

W16-5 Radishes 12x16 $200

W17-160 Greek Island 10x14 $150

W17-178 Pier 10x14 $150

W17-214 Rower 15x20 $250

W17-185 Still Life 14x12 $150

W17-82 Figure 13x10 $150

D17-91 Coastal Scene 16x20 $250

W17-94 Fishing Boats 15x20 $350

W17-89 Fishing Boats 15x20 $350

W17-194 Sailboats

W17-155 Still life with flowers 9x12 $200

D17-74 Still life with figs 10x16 $200

D17-84 Cat 8x10 $150

W1-44 Owl 10x14 $150

W1-8 Coastal Rock 14x10 $200 The Oregon coast is littered with driftwood around small rocky protrusions known as "sea stacks"

W1-10 Coastal Rock 14x11 $200

W14-14 Pier 9x12 $150

WC-9 Parade 20x28 $350 (based on the annual Rose Parade on New Year's Day in Pasadena, CA)

WA-72 Farmers Market 11x15 $150

WM12-1 Farmers Market 6x8 $100 – at South Pasadena, CA - I was immortalized here

WA-50 Wave 14x20 $200

WA-56 Coastal Scene 11x14 $200

WA-75 Tide Pools 10x15 $200 (Laguna Beach)

WA-82 Coastal Scene 21x30 $300

W9-40 The Swimmer 10x14 $150

W9-26 Coastal Scene 7x10 $150

W10-5 Rocky Coast 12x15 $250

W9-27 Fishing Boats 7x8  $100 – Ventura harbor

W9-25 Duck Can 9x7 $100

WM12-9 Flamingos 6x8 $100 – at the Los Angeles Zoo

WTCZ-5 Dreamscape 16x17 $300

W8-10 Wetland 9x12 $250 - in the Everglades, Florida

WB-1 Foam 16x20 $300

WB-63 Still life with fruit 15x22 $300

WB-66 Still Life 17x21 $300

WB-8 Still Life 19x15 $250

WB-56 Roses and Skull 19x15 $250