Zolita Sverdlove
pastels - landscapes

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P4-2 Rain I 11x15 $200

P4-3 Celestial Events VIII 10x13 $200

P4-4 Winter Skies 11x15 $200

P4-5 Black Mountain 10x13 $200

P4-6 Rain II 11x15 $200

P4-7 L. A. from South Pasadena 10x13 $200

P4-8 L A. from South Pasadena 10x13 $250

P4-10 Clouds over mountains 10x13 $200

P1-4 Celestial Events 10x13 $250

P1-5 Celestial Events 10x13 $250

P1-7 Clouds Over City 9x13 $250

P1-13 Snow on Sierras 10x13 $250

P1-19 Clouds over Mountains 10x13 $200

P1-20 Red Seas 9x12 $200

P1-22 Sunset 10x13 $200

P1-28 Celestial Events 10x13 $250

P1-29 Celestial Events 9x13 $250

P1-30 Celestial Events 10x13 $250

Sverdlove's treatment of the pastel medium was impressionist with regions of color expressed by the chalk on sandpaper. The series entitled "Celestial Events" represented the contrast between the light emitted by the sky and darkness of the land.

P1-31 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

P1-32 Celestial Events 9x13 $200

P1-33 Celestial Events 10x13 $250

P1-36 Sunset 10x13 $200

P4-23 Clouds at Kauai 10x13 $200

P4-24 Palms and Clouds 10x13 $200

P4-25 Clouds at Kauai 10x13 $200

P4-27 Coast 10x13 $200

P2-7 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

P2-9 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

P2-10 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

P2-11 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

Pastels P2-9, P2-10 and P2-11 represent the best examples of 20th century impressionism one can find.

P2-12 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

P2-13 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

P2-14 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

P2-22 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

P2-23 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

P2-24 Mountains 10x13 $200

P2-29 Sunset 9x13 $200

P2-30 Lavender Skies 10x13 $200

P2-39 Palms at Sunset 9x10 $200

P2-41 Palms 9x13 $200

P2-43 Clouds over mountains 10x13 $150

P2-44 Clouds over mountains 10x13 $150

P2-47 Sunset 10x13 $200

P2-49 Landscape 9x13 $150

P2-50 Snow on Mountains 10x12 $200

P2-59 Mountain 9x12 $200

P2-61 Mountain 10x13 $200

P2-63 Clouds 10x12 $200

P2-64 Mountain 9x13 $200

P2-65 Mountains 9x12 $200

P4-28 Landscape 9x13 $200 

P4-29 Tide Pools 10x13 $200

P4-30 Cityscape 11x15 $200

P4-33 Landscape 10x12 $200

P4-34 Landscape 9x13 $200

P4-35 Landing at LAX 11x15 $250

P4-36 Clouds over mountains 11x15 $200

P4-37 Sunset I  11x15 $200

P4-38 Coast 9x13 $200

P4-41 Sunset 10x13 $200

P2-17 Mountains 9x13 $150

P2-14 Celestial Events 10x13 $200

P1-2 Sunset 10x12 $200

PAZ-1 Palms at Night 10x13 $200