Zolita Sverdlove


Impressionist California Landscapes

Monotypes are graphics printed from a plate or stone, but typically, only one copy is produced. All works on best Arches paper. The whole point of a monotype is that the medium allows painting with different textures than can be achieved with watercolors, and the result is in some ways more like oil painting. The brilliant colors sit atop the paper rather than sinking in. These are quite amazing: oil painting impression at  a fraction of oil painting price.

To purchase art work, contact drdrapp@earthlink.net 

MT5-33 Waterfall 16x12 $200

MT9-26 Gorge I 25x20 $350 

MT7-14 Athabasca Falls 24x18 $300

MT3-7 Waterfall II 24x18 $350

MT1-18 Athabasca Falls 24x18 $350

MT4-22 Athabasca Falls II  24x18 $350

MT7-7 Athabasca Falls 24x18 $400

MT5-50 Fresh Snow II  12x16 $250

MT5-48 Burnt Orange Clouds 12x16 $150

MT9-2 Two Yellow Trees 20x25 $400

MT9-5 Lake Casitas 20x25 $400

MT9-8 Misty Marshes (Malibu) 20x25 $400

MT9-9 Lake Casitas II 20x25 $400

MT9-11 Sea Coast II 20x25 $400

MT9-14 Top  of the mountain 20x25 $400

MT4-64 Palms Under Cloudy Skies 18x24 $350

MT9-18 Cloudy Skies Over Fair Oaks (South Pasadena) 20x25 $400

MT9-21 Yellow Morning 20x25 $400

MT9-22 Santa Rosa Mountains 20x25 $400

MT9-3 Palms and Stormy Skies 20x25 $300

MT10-70 Palms against dark skies 12x16 $200

MT9-29 Glendale Ocean View 20x25 $400

MT9-30 Desert Palms 20x25 I $350

MT10-5 Sea of Glass 12x16 $250

MT10-7 Snow Capped Mountains 12x16 $250

MT10-22 Winter Sunset 12x16 $250

MT10-24 Malibu Marshes 12x16 sold

MT10-25 Monument Valley 12x16 $250

MT9-16 Sedona II 20x25 $400

MT1-37 Sedona V 18x24 $350

MT1-38 American West II 18x24 $350

MT10-33 Winter Skies 12x16 $250

MT10-34 Flower Farm 12x16 $250

MT10-60 Bluff I 12x16 $250

MT10-63 San Gorgonio I 12x16 $250

MT10-68 Jeweled Night I 12x16 $250

MT10-71 Fresh Snow 12x16 $250

MT10-75 Gray Sea 12x16 $200

MT10-82 Dawn 12x16 $200

MT1-13 Guilan (China) 18x24 $350

MT10-87 River's Edge (Guilan, China) 12x16 $200

MT2-2 Marshes at Bodega Bay 12x16 $300

MT2-5 Morning Fog 12x16 $250

MT2-53 Starry Night 12x16 $250

MT2-11 Night Sky 12x16 $250

MT2-15 Night Sky Over Pasadena Courthouse 12x16 $200

MT2-16 Desert Night 12x15 $250

MT2-72 New Moon 12x16 $300

MT10-27  Wave II 12x16 $250

MT10-11 Full Moon 12 x16 $250

MT10-17 Zen Landscape 12x16 $250

MT11-15 Desert Night 12x16 $200

MTZ-14 Tinseltown 12x16 $200

MT2-28 L. A. Skyline at Dusk 12x16 $300

MT2-29 L. A. Skyline at Dusk II 12x16 $250

MT11-10 Desert Night I 12x16 $200

MT11-15 Desert Night 12x16 $200

MT11-37 Moonlight 12x16 $200

MT11-38 Crescent Moon 12x16 $200

MT11-44 Crescent moon and glittering lights 12x16 $200

MT4-33 Daytime Moonlight 18x24 $350

MT17-22 Moon Behind Clouds 12x16 $250

MT17-26 New Moon 12x16 $250

MT2-33 Great Black Clouds 12x16 $250

MT2-35 Morning Fog II 12x16 $250

MT3-2 Morning Clouds 12x16 $200

MT3-10 Pasadena Skyline 18x24 $300

MT3-58 Setting Sun 24x18 $400

MT3-13 Tropical Sky 18x24 $350

MT3-23 Verdugos with Ochre Clouds 18x24 $300

MT3-24 Pink Clouds Over the City 18x24 $400

MT3-26 Carnelian Mountains 18x24 $450

M3-37 Oregon Coast 18x24 $400

MT3-40 Malibu Marshes 18x24 $450

MT3-47 Rain Clouds at Sand Canyon 18x24 $500

MT3-52 Zen Circle II 18x24 $450 - In the everglades, an animal left a series of concentric circles as it plunged in.

MT3-54 Pink Coast 18x24 $400

MT4-25 Point Sur II 18x24 $350

MT1-7 Rocky Coast 18x24 $350

MT4-37 Rocky Beach 18x24 $450

MT4-40 Sunset Over Los Angeles 18x24 $450

MT4-47 Big Sur Coast 18x24 $400

MT4-50 Belle Bleu 18x24 $350

MT4-53 Venice Bridge 18x24 $300

MT4-54 Low Tide 24x18 $350 The view of "bird island" from the walkway at Laguna Beach, CA

MT-55 Low Tide 18x24 $350

MT4-62 Celestial Events III 18x24 $500 - The view from South Pasadena of the buildings of L. A. in the distance

Compare MT-4-62 to this oil painting: 1015 Los Angeles from South Pasadena  30x40 $4,000

MT4-67 Sea of Glass 18x24 $300

MT2-20 First Snow on Mt. Baldy 12x16 $300

MT2-40 New Orleans Burning 12x16 $250

MT2-42 Morning Clouds I 12x16 $250

MT2-42 Winter Sycamores 12x16 $250

MT2-46 Ghosts 12x16 $300

MT2-65 Celestial Events II 12x16 $200

MT2-67 Big Sur 12x16 $200

MT2-64 Monument Valley 12x16 $200

MT2-7 Fisherman 12x16 $200

MT1-31 Oncoming Storm 12x16 $200

MT15-4 San Juan Islands 12x16 $150

MT5-6 Pines and fog 12x16 $200

MT15-21 Celestial Events I 16x20  $250

MT15-32 Storm Clouds 22x29 $350

MT15-33 Landscape 18x24 $350

MT7-9 Tinseltown 18x24 $300

MT7-12 Rubio Crest 18x24 $300

MT15-34 Fauve Coast 18x24 $300

MT15-37 Asilomar II 18x24 $350

MT11-41 Ball of Fire 12x16 $200

MT15-39 Asilomar I 18x24 $350

MT8-25 Morning Tide 14x19 $250

MT15-45 Seal Rock 18x24 $300

M14-11 Big Sur 12x16 $200

P3-32 Cabrillo Coast 12x16 $200

MT15-50 Santa Barbara 18x24 sold

MT4-31 Daylight - Moonlight 18x24 $400

MT7-13 Italian Hill City 18x24 $300

MT11-43 Storm Cloud 12x16 $200

MT4-32 Rainclouds at Scholl Canyon 18x24 $450

MT7-1 Scholl Canyon View 18x24 $350

MT11-1 Pink clouds over the city  12x16 $200

MT15-44 Pasadena Skyline III 20x26 $350

MT8-20 Yellow Cloud Over Verdugos 14x19 $300

MT8-13 Whalers Cove 14x19 $300 - at Point Lobos, California

MT7-22 American West I 18x24 $300

MT11-4 Monument Valley 12x16 $200

MT11-40 Peaks and Clouds 12x16 $200

MT1-27 Zen of the Clouds 18x24 $400

MT17-17 Flying above the clouds 12x16 $200

MT5-46 Peaks and Clouds 12x16 $300

MT7-4 Flower Farm 18x24 $300

MT14-16 Moon in the Mist 12x16 $150

MT14-10 Comet 12x16 $200

MT14-19 grizzly Falls 12x16 $150

M14-34 Mustard 11x20 $150

M14-35 Emerald Hill 11x20 $150

MT1-3 St. Mary's Lake I (Canada) 19x25 $350

MT1-4 St. Mary's Lake (Canada) 19x25 $350

MT1-20 Lonely Walk 18x24 $350

MT1-16 Dappled Light 18x24 $350

MT10-85 Sky of Fire 12x16 $200

MT11-17 River Bend 12x16 $250

MT15-38 Black Ocean 20x26 $300

MT5-26 Pelican Bay I  12x16 $250

M15-3 Power Plant 12x16 $250

MT1-15 Eclipse 18x24 $350

MT1-26 Pool at Mauna Kea 18x24 $350

MT1- 5 Sycamores and Verdugos 18x24 $350

MT16-16 H. Bosch Night size and price to be added