Zolita Sverdlove


Impressionist Landscapes

MT5-26 Pelican Bay I  12x16 $250

MT5-46 Peaks and Clouds 12x16 $300

MT5-33 Waterfall 16x12 $200

MT9-3 Palms and Stormy Skies 20x25 $300

MT5-50 Fresh Snow II  12x16 $250

MT5-48 Burnt Orange Clouds 12x16 $150

MT9-2 Two Yellow Trees 20x25 $400

MT9-5 Lake Casitas 20x25 $400

MT9-8 Misty Marshes (Malibu) 20x25 $400

MT9-9 Lake Casitas II 20x25 $400

MT9-11 Sea Coast II 20x25 $400

MT9-14 Top  of the mountain 20x25 $400

MT9-16 Sedona II 20x25 $400

MT9-18 Cloudy Skies Over Fair Oaks (South Pasadena) 20x25 $400

MT9-21 Yellow Morning 20x25 $400

MT9-22 Santa Rosa Mountains 20x25 $400

MT9-26 Gorge I 25x20 $350 

MT10-70 Palms against dark skies 12x16 $200

MT9-29 Glendale Ocean View 20x25 $400

MT9-30 Desert Palms 20x25 I $350

MT10-5 Sea of Glass 12x16 $250

MT10-7 Snow Capped Mountains 12x16 $250

MT10-11 Full Moon 12 x16 $250

MT10-17 Zen Landscape 12x16 $250

MT10-22 Winter Sunset 12x16 $250

MT10-24 Malibu Marshes 12x16 $250

MT10-25 Monument Valley 12x16 $250

MT10-27  Wave II 12x16 $250

MT10-33 Winter Skies 12x16 $250

MT10-34 Flower Farm 12x16 $250

MT10-60 Bluff I 12x16 $250

MT10-63 San Gorgonio I 12x16 $250

MT10-68 Jeweled Night I 12x16 $250

MT10-71 Fresh Snow 12x16 $250

MT10-75 Gray Sea 12x16 $200

MT10-82 Dawn 12x16 $200

MT10-85 Sky of Fire 12x16 $200

MT10-87 River's Edge (probably Guilan, China) 12x16 $200

MT2-2 Marshes at Bodega Bay 12x16 $300

MT2-5 Morning Fog 12x16 $250

MT2-11 Night Sky 12x16 $250

MT2-15 Night Sky Over Pasadena Courthouse 12x16 $200

MT2-16 Desert Night 12x15 $250

MT2-28 L. A. Skyline at Dusk 12x16 $300

MT2-29 L. A. Skyline at Dusk II 12x16 $250

MT2-33 Great Black Clouds 12x16 $250

MT2-35 Morning Fog II 12x16 $250

MT3-2 Morning Clouds 12x16 $200

MT3-10 Pasadena Skyline 18x24 $300

MT3-7 Waterfall II 24x18 $350

MT3-58 Setting Sun 24x18 $400

MT3-13 Tropical Sky 18x24 $350

MT3-23 Verdugos with Ochre Clouds 18x24 $300

MT3-24 Pink Clouds Over the City 18x24 $400

MT3-26 Carnelian Mountains 18x24 $450

M3-37 Oregon Coast 18x24 $400

MT3-40 Malibu Marshes 18x24 $450

MT3-47 Rain Clouds at Sand Canyon 18x24 $500

MT3-52 Zen Circle II 18x24 $450 - In the everglades, an animal left a series of concentric circles as it plunged in.

MT3-54 Pink Coast 18x24 $400

MT4-25 Point Sur II 18x24 $350

MT4-22 Athabasca Falls II  24x18 $350

MT4-31 Daylight - Moonlight 18x24 $400

MT4-32 Rainclouds at Scholl Canyon 18x24 $450

MT4-33 Daytime Moonlight 18x24 $350

MT4-37 Rocky Beach 18x24 $450

MT4-40 Sunset Over Los Angeles 18x24 $450

MT4-47 Big Sur Coast 18x24 $400

MT4-50 Belle Bleu 18x24 $350

MT4-53 Venice Bridge 18x24 $300

MT4-54 Low Tide 24x18 $350 The view of "bird island" from the walkway at Laguna Beach, CA

MT-55 Low Tide 18x24 $350

MT4-62 Celestial Events III 18x24 $500 - The view from South Pasadena of the buildings of L. A. in the distance

MT4-64 Palms Under Cloudy Skies 18x24 $350

MT4-67 Sea of Glass 18x24 $300

MT2-20 First Snow on Mt. Baldy 12x16 $300

MT2-40 New Orleans Burning 12x16 $250

MT2-42 Morning Clouds I 12x16 $250

MT2-42 Winter Sycamores 12x16 $250

MT2-46 Ghosts 12x16 $300

MT2-53 Starry Night 12x16 $250

MT2-64 Monument Valley 12x16 $200

MT2-65 Celestial Events II 12x16 $200

MT2-67 Big Sur 12x16 $200

MT2-72 New Moon 12x16 $300

MT2-7 Fisherman 12x16 $200

M15-3 Power Plant 12x16 $250

MT15-4 San Juan Islands 12x16 $150

MT5-6 Pines and fog 12x16 $200

MT15-21 Celestial Events I 16x20  $250

MT15-32 Storm Clouds 22x29 $350

MT15-33 Landscape 18x24 $350

MT15-34 Fauve Coast 18x24 $300

MT15-37 Asilomar II 18x24 $350

MT15-38 Black Ocean 20x26 $300

MT15-39 Asilomar I 18x24 $350

MT15-44 Pasadena Skyline III 20x26 $350

MT15-45 Seal Rock 18x24 $300

MT15-50 Santa Barbara 18x24 $350