Impressionist Acrylics

Zolita Sverdlove

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Zolita Sverdlove created a limited number of impressionist acrylics on heavy high-quality paper during a brief period in her life. This medium allows a greater variety of texture than watercolors, and is in some ways intermediate between water color and oil. These are quite large at 20x28 inches, and the price is about a tenth of the price for an oil painting. I selected several for this website.

A-1 Starry night at the court of the patriarchs 20x28 $400

A-6 Big Sky Pueblo 20x28 $300

A-12 Sunflowers 20x28 $400

A-13  Fecundity 20x28 $300

A-14 Guilan (China) 20x28 $350

A-25 Road to the sea 20x28 $350

A-22 Don Quixote 20x28 $400

A-18 Russian River 20x28 $300

A-27 Night Scene 20x28 $300

A-29 Bonfire 20x28 $300

A-26 Performing bear 20x28 $300

A-34 Yellow bear at the parade 20x28 $300

A-32 Performing monkey 20x28 $300

A-15 Persian Miniature 20x28 $300

A-9 Tuba City 20x28 $300

A-5 Minerva 20x28 $300

A-10 Rembrandt Himself 20x28 $300

A-21 Italian Lady 28x20 $300

A-16 Armchair Lady 28x20 $300