Zolita Sverdlove

Drawings - Landscape

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The subject matter in Sverdlove's mostly black and white drawings echoes the subjects in her colored works: mountains, landscapes and skyscapes. Some black and white drawings provide a counter to the colored impressionistic watercolors - they show detail and texture. Some of the mountain drawings provide a cubist element. But in the drawings where she employs wash, the drawing become like paintings in black and white.

D11-12 Palm Tree 11x15 $150

D11-16 Rose Bowl 11x15 $150

D11-17 Rio Grande 11x15 $200

D18-66 View of Pasadena 12x19 $200

D11-23 After the Storm 11x15 $200

D11-29 El Monte Airport "Silver Birds" 11x15 $150

D11-41 Road to Yukon 11x15 $150

D11-24 Valdez Pass 11x15 $150

D11-43 The Yukon 11x15 $150

D11-44 Misty Fiords 11x15 $200

D16-1 Landscape 10x14 $100

D11-51 Landscape 11x15 $150

D16-3 Kanazawa Bridge 10x14 $100

D16-5 Coastal Scene 9x13 $100

D16-7 Landscape with clouds 11x14 $100

D16-8 Landscape 11x14 $150

D16-9 Griffith Observatory 10x14 $100

D16-10 Landscape 11x15 $100

D16-31 Landscape 11x17 $150

D16-52 Landscape 11x14 $150

D13-16 L. A. Freeways 15x10 $150

D3-42 Tuscany 15x11 $150

D13-27 Landscape 10x14 $100

D13-22 Vineyard 11x15 $150

D13-29 Coastal Scene 8x10 $100

D13-30 Coastal Scene 8x12 $150

D2-161 Landscape 10x14 $150

D13-5 Coastal Scene 10x15 $150

D13-35 Waterfall 14x10 $150

D13-41 Larchmont Lake 11x15 $150

D13-48 Coastal Scene 10x12 $200

D5-11 Berkeley 12x16 $150

D2-3 Berkeley 7x12 $100

We spent the years 1957-1959 in Berkeley, CA. These early drawings were usually centered on the rose garden with its curved trellis.

D5-5 Berkeley 12x14 $100

D5-8 Berkeley 7x9 $100

D19-3 Berkeley 18x25 $350

D19-4 Altadena 18x24 $250 Small house at Olive Ave and Poppyfields Rd (c. 1956)

D2-88 San Francisco 11x15 $100

D3-14 San Francisco 11x15 $100

D2-164 Landscape 11x15 $150

D9L-13 Landscape 10x15 $150

D9L-18 Landscape 10x14 $150

D9L-15 Landscape 10x15 $150

D9L-16 Landscape 10x15 $150

D2-159 Landscape 10x15 $100

D3-77 Venice 11x15 $200

D3-3 Rome 11x15 $200

D3-10 Landscape 11x15 $150

D3-11 Landscape 11x15 $150

D3-12 Colorado St. Bridge Pasadena 11x15 $200

D3-13 Twin Peaks San Francisco 11x15 $150

D2-13 Mountain View 11x15 $150

D3-15 Mountain 11x15 $100

D3-24 Mountains 11x15 $150

D3-29 Mountain 11x15 $100

D3-39 Mountains and Clouds11x15 $100

D11-22 Mountains 11x15 $200

D3-37 Mountains 11x15 $150

D3-71 Mountain 11x15 $150

D3-76 View from Berkeley 11x15 $250

D3-46 View from Berkeley 11x15 $250

D5-3 Berkeley 10x19 $150

D5-41 Berkeley Rose Garden 12x22 $200

D3-41 Rocky Creek 11x15 $200

D3-53 Landscape 11x15 $150

D3-61 Montana II 11x15 $250

D3-68 Coastal Scene 11x15 $150

D-131 Goyaesque Clouds 11x15 $100

D3-134 San Gimigiano 11x15 $250

D3-9 San Gimigiano 11x15 $150

D3-103 South Pasadena 11x15 $150

D2-52 Skyscape 11x15 $150

D3-100  Skyscape 11x15 $150

D3-95 Skyscape 11x15 $100

D3-59 Skyscape 11x15 $150

D3-109 Skyscape 11x15 $200

D3-36 Skyscape 11x15 $100

D11-30 Skyscape 11x15 $200

D3-124 Skyscape 11x15 $200

D2-163 Skyscape 11x15 $100

D3-91 Chaney Trail II. 11x15 $100

D3-80 Landscape 11x15 $150

D2-56 Pasadena Courthouse 11x15 $100

D9L-19 Landscape 10x14 $150

D13-7 China Cove 11x15 $150 - At Point Lobos at California coast

D3-148 Big Sur 11x15 $150

D3-63 Skyscape 11x15 $150

D11-52 Field 11x15 $150

D3-113 Mt. Fuji 11x15 $100

D2-53 Pasadena Courthouse 11x15 $100

D3-47 Morro Bay 11x15 $150

D2-59 St. Paul de Vance I 11x15 $100

D2-6 Los Angeles 10x15 $150

D5-10 Landscape 12x21 $200

D5-25 Landscape 10x14 $100

D5-26 Florence  10x12 $200

D5-28 Sunset over Ocean 11x15 $100

D5-32 Landscape 9x18 $150

D9-L10 and D9-L11 Landscapes  (each 6x11) $150 for the pair

D5-35 Altadena (1957) 7x13 $100  -  She rented a small house at Poppyfields Rd and Olive Ave in Altadena in 1957

D7-65 Landscape 10x14 $150

D7-71 Golden Gate 11x15 $100

D3-45 Golden Gate 11x15 $100

D7-75 Los Angeles 10x15 $100

D7-76 Los Angeles 10x14 $100

D7-78 Landscape 10x14 $100

D7-79 Landscape 11x15 $150

D10-17 Palms and Skyscape 11x15 $200

D10-18 Mt. Wilson 11x15 $150 (Pasadena in the foreground with Mt. Wilson looming in the background)

D1-3 Landscape 11x15 $150

D10-30 Pasadena Skyline 11x15 $150

D10-37 Thompson Pass 11x15 $150

D10-36 West L. A. 11x15 $200

D10-51 Asilomar 11x15 $150

D10-54 Graveyard of the Giants 11x15 $150

D10-57 Coastal Scene 11x15 $150

D10-59 Coastal Scene 11x15 $150

D13-8 Coastal Scene 9x12 $100

D7-29 Big Sur 11x15 $150

D19-20 Coastal Scene 12x19 $200

D2-34 Mulholland Drive 15x11 $200

D2-84 Landscape 11x15 $150

D9L-14 Landscape10x15 $150

D10-73 Skyscape11x15 $150

D3-74 Skyscape 11x15 $150

D10-72 Skyscape 11x15 $150

D10-78 Skyscape 11x15 $150

D2-60 Skyscape 11x15 $150

D3-51 Skyscape 11x15 $200

D11-50 Skyscape 11x15 $150

D2-63 Skyscape 11x15 $150

D3-49 Skyscape 11x15 $150

D10-38 Skyscape 11x15 $200

D11-5 Morning Clouds Rising 11x15  $250

D2-31 Skyscape 11x15 $250

D2-16 Skyscape 11x15 $200 (South Pasadena)

D13-3 View from the Getty 8x10 $100

D13-4 View from the Getty 10x13 $150

The Getty Museum is situated on a high plateau. From the patio, you can see houses of Los Angeles below and buildings in the distance. 

D18-68 View from Getty 10x13 $150

D11-21 View From the Getty 11x15 $150

D2-50  Getty Patio 10x13 $150

D2-51 View from Getty Patio 11x15 $150

D10-81 View from the Getty 11x15 $150

D10-82 View from the Getty 11x15 $200

D10-31 View from the Getty 11x15 $150

D10-75 West L. A. from the Getty 11x15 $200

D3-101 View from Getty Patio 11x15 $150

D3-147 Getty Patio 11x15 $100

South Pasadena is divided into two populations: the flatlanders and the hill people. The hill rises abruptly from Monterey Road and descends abruptly from Hanscomb Drive. From Hanscomb, looking south, there are rolling hills in the foreground, and the buildings of Los Angeles rise in the distance, about 8 miles away.

D9L-22 View of L. A. from South Pasadena 11x15 $150

D3-44 View of L. A. from South Pasadena 11x15 $200

D10-19 View of L. A. from South Pasadena 11x15 $150

D13-12 View from Scholl Canyon 10x12 $150

D10-79 View of L. A. from South Pasadena 11x15 $200

D10-80 Mountain 11x15 $150

D2-21 Mt. Baldy 10x15 $100

D2-33 Mt. Baldy 11x15 $200

D2-49 Mt. Baldy 11x15 $150

D2-37 Mt. Baldy 11x15 $200

D10-12 Mt. Baldy 11x15 $150

D3-48 Mt. Baldy 11x15 $150 The Colorado St. bridge in Pasadena can be seen in the foreground

D10-13 Mt. Baldy 11x15 $100

D10-11 Mt. Baldy 11x15 $100

D13-21 Angeles Crest Mountains 11x15 $150

D11-40 L. A. Crest Mountains 11x15 $150

D11-46 Mountain 11x15 $150

D11-47 Mountain 11x15 $150

D2-86 Mountain 11x15 $100

D11-28 Mountain 11x15 $200

D13-34 Mountains 9x15 $100

D11-7 Las Vignes 11x15  $150

DZ-1 Hollywood Hills 14x17 $200

D10-76 Mountain 11x15 $150

D10-67 Skyscape 11x15 $100

D10-61 Mountain 11x15 $150

D19-13 Point Lobos 21x15 $250

D19-14 Point Lobos 21x30 $350

D19-16 Landscape 19x26 $250

D19-18 Houses 18x24 $250

D19-19 Oaks on Hill 16x19 $200

D19-21 Oaks on Hillside 11x15 $100

D19-30 Mountain 21x15 $200