Zolita Sverdlove

Drawings - Other

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D11-1 Wave 11x15 $200

D11-2 Wave 11X15 $200

D11-10 Wave V 11x15 $200

D10-64 Wave II 11x15 $150

D10-65 Wave VI 11x15 $200

D11-25 Wave III 11x15 $250

D11-26 Wave 11x15 $250

D11-27 Wave 11x15 $200

Waves in the ocean are dynamic - constantly in motion. We see them as a happening. Sverdlove was able to capture the instantaneous state of a wave in mid-motion with an imaginative, impressionistic treatment, probably influenced by the wood block "Great Wave off Kanegawa" by Hokusai.

Sverdlove painted a quite a few pictures of people at the breakfast table. Only a few are included in this website.

D11-35 Moon Jellyfish 11x15 $150

D11-48 Jellyfish 11x15 $250

D18-69 still life 11x15 $150

W18-65 Still life with coffee pot 14x17 $200

D16-49 Still Life 11x14 $100

D13-11 Still Life 11x15 $100

D13-49 Still Life 8x10 $150

D13-54 Snowflakes 15x20 $200

D13-55 Snowflakes 11x15 $200

D10-20 Riders 15x11 $100

D3-146 Horseback in Eaton Canyon 15x11 $150

D9-L2 Provincetown 11x14 NFS
This was done when artist was age 16

D2-94 Dawgs 8x10 $100

D2-96 Birds 10x12 $100

D2-97 Still life 11x15 $100

D2-98 Still life 11x15 $100

D2- 141 Rock Singer 14x11 $100

D2-145 Mourners 12x11 $100

D2-142 Rescue 11x14 $100

D2-121 Plumb Tuckered Out 11x15 $100

D2-36 Farners Market South Pasadena 11x15 $100

D2-68 Still Life With Artichoke 11x16 $150

D2-160 Boat Launching 9x15 $100

D3-22 Jellyfish 11x15 $250

D3-25 Still Life with Teapot 11x15 $200

D3-27 Still Life 11x15 $150

D3-83 Still Life With Figs and Artichoke 11x15 $250

D3-144 Still Life with Figs and Artichoke 11x15 $200

D10-40 Persimmons 11x15 $250

D19-22 Still Life 18x23 $250

D19-26 Still Life 15x20 $250

D19-34 Still Life 19x26 $200

D3-87 Crane 11x15 $200

D3-111 Pumpkin Field 11x15 $150

D3-149 Farmers Market South Pasadena 11x15 $100

D3-150 Farmers Market South Pasadena 11x15 $100

D3-151 Farmers Market South Pasadena 11x15 $100

D3-125 Farmers Market South Pasadena 11x15 $200

D3-84 Koi 11x15 $200

D3-52 Ducks 11x15 $200

D11-31 Marymere Falls 11x15 $150

D3-67 Walkers at Pt. Lobos 11x15 $200

D10-9 Pushing Off 11x15 $100

D13-61 Still Life 11x8 $100

D10-26 Palm Cutters 15x11 $100

D10-27 Palm Cutters 15x11 $100

D10-39 Flower Pickers 11x15 $150

D10-48 Gondolier 11x15 $200

D11-11 European City 11x15 $150

D11-19 Breakfast 11x15 $100

D13-17 Dragonfly on Lily Pads 12x15 $150