Zolita Sverdlove

A17 Untitled 18x24 $300

AB1-1 Protoplasm 20x24 $300

AB1-2 The Cliff 20x28 $300

During a short period of her life, Sverdlove produced quite a few abstracts. The work shown here represents some of her results. Exactly how this connects to her other art remains a mystery.

AB1-3 Untitled 20x24 $300

AB1-4 Spring Fever 20x24 $300

AB1-5 Pink Apparition 20x24 $300

AB1-6 Aphrodite 20x24 $300

AB1-7 Harsh Tundra 20x24 $300

AB1-8 Take Flight 20x24 $300

AB1-9 Pigeons on Grass, Alas 20x24 $300

AB1-10 Scotland Yard 20x24 $300

AB1-11 Cotillion 20x24 $300

AB1-12 The Patriarch 20x24 $300

AB1-13 Maple Tree 20x24 $300

AB1-14 Marco Polo 20x24 $300

AB1-15 Modern Monet 20x24 $300

AB1-16 Fluorescence 20x24 $300

AB1-17 Treadmill 20x24 $300

AB1-18 Resurrected Spring 20x24 $300

AB1-19 Angel 20x24 $300

AB1-20 Bird Brings Message 20x24 $300

AB1-21 Transmigration 20x24 $300

AB1-22 The Phoenix 20x24 $300

AB1-23 Aggression 20x24 $300

AB1-24 Out of the clear blue 20x24 $300

AB1-25 Crisp Day 20x24 $300

AB1-26 Swim with the tide 20x24 $300

AB1-27 Distrust 20x24 $300

AB1-28 Harbinger of Spring 20x24 $300

AB1-29 Chieftain 20x24 $300

AB1-30 Miracle of fish and loaves 20x24 $300

AB1-31 One thing leads to another 20x24 $300

AB1-32 Its who you know 20x24 $300

D9-A1 Untitled 15x20 $250

D9-A3 Untitled 14x19 $250

D9-A4 Untitled 14x16 $200

D9-A5 Untitled 11x13 $150

D9-A6 Untitled 14x17 $200

D9-A7 Untitled 11x15 $175

D9-A8 Untitled 14x18 $225

D9-A9 Untitled 10x13 $150

D9-A2 Untitled 15x13 $150



AB1-35 Apex 20x24 $300

AB1-36 Fragrant Morning 20x24 $300

AB1-37 Gorge 20x24 $300

AB1-38 Silent Sentinels 20x24 $300

GM-33 Sea Monsters etching 12x14 $100

GL-7 Lionfish, tortoise and sea serpent etching 12x16 $150

GL-30 Boullibaise 18x24 etching $200