Zolita Sverdlove 

Impressionist Oil Paintings -California Landscape

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Sverdlove viewed the California landscape as an impressionist. It was not the specific details that mattered as much as the light and color in the sky, or reflected off the desert or the water. Many of her landscapes are of scenes in California, in Pasadena, South Pasadena, Los Angeles, or up the coast of California.  The mountains north of Pasadena, headed by Mount Baldy at 10,000 feet elevation, provided the subject of several California impressionist paintings.

983 Afterglow from Grizzly Peak 40x54 $6,000 - The view from high in the Berkeley hills across the bay to San Francisco at sunset

587 Mesa 40x56 $4,300

639 L. A. Skyline III 40x54 $4,500 - The view from Hanscomb Dr. in South Pasadena looking south toward buildings in Los Angeles

697 Chinese Landscape 32x50 $3,400

836 City of Gold 40x46 $4,400 - The view from South Pasadena toward Los Angeles

815 Sunrise - Savage Peaks 40x50 $4,500

629 Baroque Clouds 40x54 $4,600

484 Stormy Weather Over Pasadena 36x54 $4,300 - from the water tower in South Pasadena

1012 View from So. Pasadena Water Tower 30x40 $3,600 - The South Pasadena water tower is at the high point of the city and allows a sweeping view of Mt. Baldy

962 City Lights 50x32 $4,600

837 Great Cloud Over Pasadena 30x40 $3,400

747 Walnut Grove 30x40 $2,500

682 Morning Clouds Rising I 30x40 $3,600

811 White Angels 30x36 $3,600 - Angeles Crest mountains in winter

1037 Mt. Tamalpais Vista 36x46 $4,700 - A long winding drive to the top of Mt. Tamapais north of San Francisco is rewarded with a great view

974 Equinox 30x35 $4,000 - Looking westward from the hill in South Pasadena at sunset

859 Misty Fiords 28x40 $3,900 - Norway

857 Rio Grande 28x40 $3,500 - A rather scary high bridge in New Mexico

1053 Winter at Casa Adobe 28x36 $3,300 - This historical house is located on the arroyo in Pasadena in the shadow of the Colorado Blvd. bridge

627 Receding Mountains 38x46 $3,400

1015 Los Angeles from South Pasadena  30x40 $4,000

899 Eaton Canyon Skyline 32x38 $2,900

895 Celestial Events I 28x36 $2,500

894 Pacific Grove 26x34 $2,400

885 Scintillating Reeds 48x60 $5,500

876 Cloudburst Over Kauai 20x26 $2,300

714 Autumn in the Arroyo 18x30 $1,900