Zolita Sverdlove

Impressionist Graphics - Small

(Only a few copies were printed of each work)

To purchase art work, contact drdrapp@earthlink.net

GS-8 Sailboats (facing Golden Gate) Etching 5x9 $100

GS-14 L. A. Arteries Woodblock 7x9 $100

GS-16 Lionfish, Tortoise and Serpent II Etching 7x10 $100

GS-6 Lake Casitas etching 3x6 $75

GS-25 Joesph's Dream Etching 7x6 $100

GM-68 Jonah and the Fish 8x10 $150 - compare to persian miniature

Persian Miniature

GS-9 The Perforated Hat 4x4 $50

GS-29 Orchards 6x8 etching $75

GS-11 Boats at sundown 5x6 etching $75

GS-24 Untitled 6x8 etching $75

GS-20 Storm Brewing 8x11 etching $100

GS-21 Storm 5x6 etching $75

GS-23 Untitled 4x9 etching $75