Zolita Sverdlove

Graphics - Large

(Only a few  copies were actually printed of each work)

To purchase art work, contact drdrapp@earthlink.net

GL-1 Self Portrait Etching 18x13 $200

GL-3 Black Pines Lithograph 12x18 $200

GL-6 Flickering Foliage Etchin 12x16 $200

GL-9 Rain Over Cornfields Etching 18x24 $200

GL-13 Viridiana  Etching 18x24 $200

GL-15 Leda and the Swan Etching 18x24 $200

GL-18 Enigma of Woman Etching 16x22 $200

GL-20 Figure Etching 13x18 $200

GL-21 Landscape with oak trees Etching 18x24 $200

GL-22 Ferris Wheel Etching 18x24 $200

GL-26 Elephant Hill (South Pasadena) Etching12x18 $150

GL-24 Waterfall Etching 24x18 $200

GL-43 Palm Tree Cutters 13x10 Woodblock $150

GL-30 Bouillabaisse Etching 18x24 $200

GL-37 Farm Woodblock 20x24 $200

GL-35 Double Colorado Blvd Bridge Etching 10x24 $200

GL-38 View of L. A. from South Pasadena with Mackeral Clouds Etching 10x14 $150

GL-42 Mixmaster Woodblock 12x16 $200

GL-44 Flower Pickers Woodblock 10x12 $150

GL-45 Pumpkins Woodblock 11x15 $200

GL-46 Pumpkin Patch Woodblock 12x18 $200

GL-50 Two Women Etching 13x18 $200