Zolita Sverdlove
impressionist watercolors 

California landscapes

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W8-5  SKYSCAPE  9X12  $250 This is a view from Hanscomb Dr. in South Pasadena.

The colorful sky is dominant in this landscape and I call it a "skyscape"

W8-11  SKYSCAPE  9X11  $250

Zolita Sverdlove was fascinated by the textures and colors of the sky over the California landscape, especially at sunset, or after a storm. Many of her impressionist landscapes show a great deal of sky and a smaller portion of land. I call them "skyscapes". Her watercolors tend to allow the impressionist flow of color to define the content of the art work, rather than specific lines or strokes. The buildings of Los Angeles, whether viewed from South Pasadena or the patio at the Getty, were also popular subjects.

W8-12  Skyscape 9X12  $250

W8-18 Skyscape 9x12  $250

W8-20 Skyscape 9x12  $250

WM12-5 Skyscape 6x8 $100

W4-85 Skyscape 18x20  $300

W6-18 Skyscape 9x12 $200

W6-20 Skyscape 9x12 $200

W17-55 Skyscape 7x10 $150

WA-73 Skyscape 10x14 $250

W17-56 Skyscape 9x12 $200

WA-68 Skyscape 11x15 $150

WA-55 Skyscape 11x15 $200

W3-35 Skyscape 10x14 $250

WA-70 Skyscape 11x15 $250

W17-198 Skyscape 9x12 $200

W3-23 Skyscape 10x15 $250

WA-54 Skyscape 11x17 $250

WA-15 Skyscape 15x21 $250

WB-10 Colorado St. Bridge 15x18 $300
(The view from Casa Adobe in Pasadena)

WA-52 Skyscape 15x21 $250

D9-W8 Skyscape 9x12 $200

W6-36 Landscape with clouds 9x12 $200

W6-12 Landscape with clouds 9x12 $200

W1-49 Landscape with clouds 11x14 $250

W6-22 Landscape with clouds 9x12 $200

W17-195 Cityscape 9x12 $200  - View from Getty

W7-40 View from the Getty 12x16 $250 – Sitting on the Getty patio this is the view facing northeast

From the patio of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, one can see the terrain of the city with buildings in the background. Sverdlove's impressionistic interpretation of this view appears in several works.

W7-41 View from the Getty 12x16 $250 

W7-42 View from the Getty 12x16 $250

W7-65 View from the Getty 11x15 $250

W1-35 View from Getty 11x15 $250

W7-45 Roaring River 12x16 $250 – Kings Canyon National Park

King's Canyon National Park provides many opportunities for impressionistic watercolors. The roaring rivers bordered by rocks were a favorite theme.

W7-68 View of L. A. from So. Pasadena 9x12 $250 - On Hanscomb Dr. looking south, you can see the buildings of Los Angeles in the distance

W7-71 View of L. A. from So. Pasadena 12x16 $250 

The south end of the town of South Pasadena, CA is elevated. From there, one can look out at the rolling hills below, and in the distance one can see the buildings of Los Angeles about ten miles away. 

W6-26 View From South Pasadena 10x14 $225

W18-35 View of L. A. from So. Pasadena 9x12 $200

W1-40 South Pasadena Hills 11x15 $300

W6-25 View from South Pasadena 9x12 $200

W3-5 Los Angeles viewed from South Pasadena 12x16 $250

W7-75 Mt. Baldy 10x14 $200 – Mt. Baldy rises to 10,000 feet elevation just north of Pasadena

W2-10 Mt. Baldy 14x20 $350

Sverdlove's impressionist treatment of mountains showed a wide variety of free flowing color. Mount Baldy at 10,000 feet elevation just north of Pasadena provided a ready target. The north view from the water tower at the highest point of South Pasadena provided a clear view of Mt. Baldy, the San Gabriel Mountains, and the San Gabriel Valley. Mt. Baldy was typically covered with snow from January through March. In 2024, snow persisted amazingly into early June. I produced a photo gallery of "36 views of Mt. Baldy" to emulate Hokusai. In 1980 we gathered acorns on the slopes of Mt. Baldy. Two oak trees remain in 2024. One is 60 feet high and 60 feet wide. 

W2-14 Mt. Baldy 11x14 $200

W4-17 Mt. Baldy 12x16 $200

W2-19 Mountains 15x19 $300 - probably Mt. Baldy

W18-26 Mt. Baldy 9x12 $200

W18-31 Mt. Baldy 9x12 $200

W18-27 Mt. Baldy 9x12 $200

W1-19 Snow capped Mt. Baldy 9x13 $200

WA-80 Mountain 12x16 $200

D17-205 Mountains 7x10 $150 - Probably Mt. Baldy

WA-34 Mountains 9x19 $250

WM12-7 Mountain 6x8 $100 - Probably Mt. Baldy north of Pasadena

W7-6 Mountain in Snow 11x15 $250 - Probably Mt. Baldy north of Pasadena

W9-49 Mountain 10x14 $200

WM12-31 Mountain 6x8 $150

W6-24 Mountain 9x12 $200

W9-62 Mountain scene 10x14 $200

W18-22 Mount Baldy 9x12 $200

WD-13 Mountain 21x30 $350

D18-9 Mountains 21x29 $350

W16-4 Mountain 10x14 $150

W17-41 Mountains 10x14 $150

W17-42 Mountains 10x14 $150

WA-64 Mountain 11x15 $250

W17-140 Mt. Baldy 10x15 $200

WA-53 Mountains 11x15 $200

WA-13 Mountain 15x22 $300

WC-12 Mountain 20x28 $300

WC-17 Mountain Lakes 18x24 $400

WC-18 Mountain 20x29 $400

W3-42 Mountain 11x14 $200

D18-8 Mountain 19x29 $350

D9-W5 Mountain 10x14 $200

W2-32  Landscape 11x14 $200

W2-34 Landscape 12x16 $250

WA-63 Mountain 11x15 $200

WA-35 Mountain 14x20 $250

WA-16 Mountain 15x21 $300

W3-25 Mountain 12x16 $200

WB-23 Mountain 14x20 $250

WB-55 Mountain 16x20 $300

WB-64 Mountains 13x20 $250

W9-5 Mountain 7x10 $125

W9-5 Blue Mountain 7x10  $125

WA-26 Mountain 19x24 $300

W9-28 Mountain 4x6 $75

W9-29 Mountain 4x6 $75

W4-90 Three Palms 16x20 $350

W4-46 Pasadena Landscape 15x21 $450

W2-18 Landscape 14x20 $300

W6-28 Landscape 9x12 $200

W6-33 View from South Pasadena 9x12 $200

W6-45 View From South Pasadena 9x12 $200

W6-42 Coastal Scene 9x12 $200

W11-15 Coastal Scene 14x20 $325

W6-41 Coastal Scene 10x13 $150

W12-3 Coastal Scene 22x30 $450

WD-1 Coastal Scene 21x30 $350

W18-25 Coastal Scene 9x12 $250

W4-9 Coastal Scene 9x14 $200

W10-13 Coastal Scene 14x20 $350

W4-69 Coastal Scene 14x16 $250

W4-52 Coastal Scene 18x24 $300

W3-3 Coastal Scene 10x14 $200

WC-21 Coastal Scene 22x30 $350

W9-60 Coastal Scene 9x12 $150

W17-100 Rocky Coast 16x20 $350

W3-21 Rocky Coast 10x14 $250

WD-10 Rocky Coast 22x30 $450

D9-W11 Coastal Scene 12x16 $250

W7-57 Coastal Scene 12x16 $250

WD-2 Coastal Scene 20x26 $350

WA-3 Abstract seashore 15x22 $250

W4-64 Rocky Coast 15x21 $300

W4-13 Rocky Coast 12x16 $250

WA-86 Coastal Scene 21x30 $350 - Probably Laguna Beach

WA-61 Coastal Scene 11x15 $250

W3-34 Big Sur 10x14 $250

W3-33 Coastal Scene 11x14 $200

W7-53 Coastal Scene 11x16 $250

W7-55 Coastal Scene From Above 12x16 $250

W3-1 Creek to the ocean (Malibu) 10x 14 $200

W1-47 Beach Scene 10x14 $200

WB-24 Coastal Scene 15x21 $300

W9-52 Coastal Scene 10x13 $250 - probably tidepools at low tide at Laguna Beach

W17-10 Coastal Scene 14x20 $300

W17-24 Coastal Scene 7x10 $100

W17-26 Coastal Scene 7x10 $100

W17-36 Morro Rock 9x12 $150

W4-23 Seascape 12x16 $200

W9-58 Sun on the water 9x12 $150 - Another good example of free flowing color of impressionism

W4-47  Pond 14x20 $350

W7-5 San Francisco Bay 10x14 $200

W17-28 Coastal Scene 7x10 $100

W8-36 Coastal Scene 8x11 $200 - This watercolor provides an essential example of impressionism - the free flow of color to define the content.

W10-5 Rocky Coast 12x15 $250

W9-41 Sailboats 10x14 $200 - probably Newport, CA

WA-82 Coastal Scene 21x30 $300

W9-26 Coastal Scene 7x10 $150

D17-91 Coastal Scene 16x20 $250

W17-214 Rower 15x20 $250

W10-21 Point Lobos, CA  15x12 $350

W4-36 Coastal Scene 24x18 $350

W9-16 Coastal Scene 7x10 $125

W9-33 coastal scene 6x9 $100

W10-12 Landscape 14x21 $325

W11-8 Landscape 14x20 $325

W12-5 Field 22x30 $350

WB-34 Hill 16x24 $250

W18-32 Los Angeles 9x12 $200 - from the Getty

D18-11 Glacial Lake 21x30 $350 – Lake Louise, Canada

W18-14 Landscape 9x12 $200

W18-23 Landscape 9x12 $200

W16-12 Landscape 10x14 $200

W16-13 Hollywood Hills 11x14 $200

W17-78 9x12 Landscape $150

W17-101 Landscape 16x20 $300

W17-150 Waterfall $150

D1-6 Waterfall 14x10 $200

W1-26 Wind blown cypress (at Monterey) 11x15 $200

D17-217 Landscape 15x20 $300

W1-7 Hanna Winery 11x15 $300

W1-12 Silver Birds (El Monte Airport) 10x16 $250

W1-32 Athabasca Falls (Canada) 10x14 $200

W3-9 Briggs Swamp 12x16 $300 - In the Everglades of Florida

W3-10 Landscape 11x14 $200

W3-11 San Gabriel Valley 11x15 $300 - Looking northward across Pasadena from the water tower in South Pasadena

W3-12  Rolling Foothills 11x15 $250

W3-28 Colorful Landscape 10x14 $200

W3-37 Colorful Field 10x14 $250

W2-20 Colorful Field 15x19 $300

WB-48 Field 15x19  $250

WB-38 Field 16x19 $300

W9-37 Walkers at Pt. Lobos 11x13 $200

W3-26 Coastal Scene 11x14 $200

WA-10 Creek 15x22 $250

WA-11 Creek 14x20 $250

WA-48 Creek 12x16 $200

WA-76 Rocky Creek 12x16 $200

WA-77 Rocky Creek 12x16 $150

WA-79 Rocky Creek 12x16 $200

WA-30 Creek 12x16 $200

WA-9 River 14x20 $350

WA-81 Waterfalls 12x16 $250

WA-40 River 22x15 $250

WC-8 Roaring River 24x19 $400

WB-62 Bird Rock at Laguna Beach  (low tide) 20x14 $250

WA-74 Bird Rock at Laguna Beach (low tide)  15x11 $200

WA-23 15x21 San Francisco $300

WA-24 San Francisco Bay 15x21 $300

W11-19 12x19 View From Berkeley $350 – From Campus Drive high in the Berkeley hills looking across the bay toward San Francisco (see oil painting #983)

WA-31 View from Mt. Tamalpais 19x24 $300 - A long tortuous drive gets you to the top of Tamalpais where the view is spectacular (see oil painting #1037)

W6-34 Golden Gate 10x12 $150

D9-W6 San Francisco 11x15 $200

WB-68 Lakeside 16x20 $350

WB-51 Huntington Gardens 14x21 $300

WB-47 Skyscape 17x23 $300

W7-64 Mountain in Clouds 11x15 $200

These three early works were done in a naive mode: 

W19-5 Poor Clare's (Los Altos) 18x24 $300

W19-14 Los Altos 18x24 $300

D18-6 Landscape 22x30 $350

W4-43 Palo Alto Hills 18x24 $300

W4-60 Palo Alto Hills 18x24 $300

W9-55 Landscape 9x12 $125

W9-36 Rower 9x12 $150

W7-44 Landscape 12x16 $200