Zolita Sverdlove

still life and other

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P4-1 Peaks and Clouds IV 11x15 $200

P4-9 Coastal View 10x13 $200

P4-15 Lightning 11x15 $200

P4-18 Clouds Over Mountains 11x15 $200

P1-6 L. A. at Night 10x12 $200

P1-8 Clouds Over Ocean 10x13 $200

P1-12 Half Dome 10x13 $200

P1-16 Clouds and Sun 10x13 $200

P1-18 Clouds 10x13 $200

P1-38 Coast 10x13 $200

P2-25 Asparagus 10x16 $150

P2-26 Asparagus 14x16 $150

P2-57 Clouds 10x13 $200

P2-60 Clouds 11x15 $200

P2-62 Moonscape 13x10 $200

P4-40 Kauai 9x13 $150

P4-39 Pasadena Courthouse 10x15 $200

P4-42 Kauai 10x13 $200

P4-43 Kauai 10x13 $150

P2-18 Sunset 10x13 $150

P2-8 Forest 10x13 $200

P2-46 Sunset 10x13 $200

PAZ-2 Wave 10x13 $150